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  1. cat
    April 24, 2022 @ 4:36 pm

    4 stars
    soup is very good but instructions are confusing. step 2 says “add whole chicken” then step 9 says “remove all chicken pieces.” what pieces, since the whole chicken was added to the water?
    i did not add the cooked veggies back to the pot as they were mush (step 15). i parboiled additional celery and carrots in the chicken broth then added those back to the pot.
    step 21 says to “add chopped chicken back to soup” – when was the chicken chopped? then step 22 says “rip remaining chicken into small pieces…add back to soup.” i just shredded the chicken i wanted in the pot, reserving dark meat and half a chicken breast to puree, and added it back to the soup.

    lengthy and confusing instructions. could be clarified and easily be shortened.

    i liked the addition of pureed veggies and chicken to add to the soup.


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