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  1. Brett Bellmore
    December 17, 2022 @ 8:07 am

    Made these yesterday, but while the taste was decent, and they did a good job of sopping up alfredo sauce, they honestly have no resemblance to O’Charley’s yeast rolls at all, aside from the fact they’re both bread.

    For instance, making them in muffin tins out of three balls? That’s a typical dinner roll move, but O’Charley’s yeast rolls aren’t baked in tins, or designed to tear apart that way. Literally, you used pictures of rolls that weren’t baked that way! And O’Charley’s rolls are almost whispy light, these had a completely different texture.

    Seriously, did you just take a dinner roll recipe, and label it “O’Charley’s yeast rolls”?


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